Rock Paper Scissors Online

How to play
  1. Enter the game by depositing NANO from your wallet.
  2. You will be matched with players based upon your balance.
  3. Select rock, paper, or scissors to win your NANO.
  4. Click ready to play the next match.
  • Rock breaks scissors.
  • Paper covers rock.
  • Scissors cut paper.
  • Winner takes the loser's bid, minus 1%
  • 0.000001 NANO minimum cashout.
  • Your cashout will be sent to the address you deposited from.
  • You may cashout at anytime.
  • You will be cashed out if you disconnect or close the page.
No purchase necessary
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Game History

Deposit NANO

Your cashout will be sent to the account you deposited from. Do not send funds directly from an exchange. Use a wallet instead. Do not send multiple transactions.

Rounds Played
Bonus Terms Survive rounds to cashout

Game History


You have been automatically cashed out

Low Balance

Your balance is insufficient to continue


You are battling

30 seconds remain.

Choice of arms

Your opponent's history
  • Last move
    Win +0.01
    Rocks are hard and stubborn
  • Draw
    Paper is proud and elegent
  • Loss -0.01
    Rocks are hard and stubborn
  • Loss -0.01
    Scissors are sly and cunning

Cashout Address

Enter a valid NANO address to continue. Your winnings will be paid to this wallet address

Complete an offer to claim your bonus

Enter valid data to recieve your bonus. Play along and click the links in the emails sent to you. It's easy!


Game History

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Game History